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The OLUMS SETA Grant Management and Tracking System manages all aspects of the Management of SETA Grants from a single platform.

The System Manages and Tracks the Payment of Stipends to Learners, the Appointment of Host Employers, the Validation of Learner Attendance at Host Employers, the Management of SETA Forms online, Real-time Chat Rooms between Learners, Mentors, University Managers, TVET College Managers, and SETA Managers.

University and TVET College Managers are able to monitor and validate the Learners Attendance at the Host Employers and to approve the payment of stipends to Learners via the System

Learners are able to complete the Attendance Register and to Submit the Claims Forms online or via their Mobile Apps. Mentors are also able to use their Mobile App to validate the attendance and Claim Forms of the Learner

Executive Reports and AUDIT Trail Reports can be viewed in real-time by the SETA Managers both Locally and Nationally.

The Audit Trail includes, the monitoring and tracking of the Grant Funds and quality related issues.

It is simple to Manage multiple SETA Grants and multiple Learners from the OLUMS SETA Grant Management platform

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