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What is the function of the SETA?

The Sector Education and Training Authorities of South Africa (SETA's) are responsible for, amongst other things, to facilitate the provision of Work experience through Work Integrated Learning to Graduates and Students. They allocate Grant Funds to Employers, Universities and TVET Colleges for the payment of monthly stipends to the Learners.

The SETA funds are targeted at Graduates and Students from designated fields of study.

SETAs are responsible for monitoring the quality of the education and training of the Learners at the work place, the attendance of Learners and the audit trail of the stipend payments to Learners.

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What is the Role of a Lead Employer?

  • Lead employers are generally Universities, TVET Colleges, Training Institutions and Corporate Companies.

  • To identity the designated groups of Graduates and Learners from the specific disciplines as identified by the relevant SETA's


What is the Role of a Host Employer?

  • Employers who are participate with Lead Employers to host Students and Graduates to gain their Work Experience are referred to as the Host Employers.

  • The functions of the Host Employers include, inter alia:

  • Assigning suitably qualified and experienced Supervisor/s to orientate and provide guidance to the Learners and Graduates in training

  • Monitoring and validation of the attendance of Learners at the workplace

  • Monitoring and assessing the Learner’s performance

  • Providing feedback to the Lead Employers and SETA's

SETA Grant Management System make it Easy


Lead Employer Manager

Lead Employer Manager can perform the following functions online:
  • Form Management

  • Grant Management

  • Create Grant

  • Create Salary Manager



The Salary Manager is responsible for following work:
  • View Form Management

  • View Grant Management



The Supervisor is responsible for following work:
  • User Management

  • Form Management

  • Add holidays

  • Attendance Approval



Students can perform the following functions online:
  • Punch In and Punch Out

  • View Attendance

  • Download and Upload Attendance Document

  • Access Form Management

  • Add Bank Detail

  • View Stipend List

  • Mark leave

Getting Started Tutorial

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